Safe Place

Safe Place

Can you imagine walking up on a casual conversation in the grocery between your mom and a stranger about your most private personal details?  It would be very hurtful.  In the same way adoptive parents constantly walk a fine line of wanting others to know enough for them to be sensitive and yet they have a great responsibility to let their child's story be kept private until a time the child is ready to share it.

Meet Lucia Kacirek


· NOVEMBER 12, 2016

Lucia was born in Donetsk, Ukraine and became an orphan at 6.  She spent a decade in a mental institution where she witnessed and experienced abuse.  At 16, she was adopted and began her journey to healing.

She has a heart to explain to others the conditions that orphans are facing when no one is looking and sees the great pain in adoptive families as parents try to connect to their children.  Past trauma often comes out in behavior.

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