Our Volunteers

Our volunteers bring unique experiences and expertise that is invaluable to our team. We are so thankful for our volunteers who give time and love to our families.


Cassie Beauford, Event Coordinator

Cassie and her husband, Zak, live in northwest Arkansas with their two rambunctious kiddos. Ella and Jak both entered their family through foster care. The journey to motherhood was unexpected and quite bumpy for Cassie. She experienced conflicting emotions, fears, and doubts that left her feeling isolated and unqualified. Thankfully, through the prayerful ministry of Grace Haven, Cassie found healing in Christ and connection with her children.


Krista Price, Womens Retreat Coordinator

Krista and her husband, Derrick, have been married for 17 years and have one sweet and spicy daughter, Kylee. Kylee came to them at three weeks old via private adoption. Motherhood took a dramatic and unexpected turn for Krista when, at the age of 7 months Kylee received two very unexpected medical diagnoses. Krista experienced extreme guilt over how deeply she mourned losing that perfect picture of what she thought her family would look like. She will never forget the freedom she experienced when the Lord, revealed to her it was normal, good, and even healthy to mourn the loss of what she thought would be. Through that grieving process, healing began and she was able to find new hope and excitement for her daughter and their family.


Rebekah Price, Clinical Advisor

As a licensed clinical social worker, Rebekah has been active with children, couples and families professionally, philanthropically, and in ministry for almost two decades. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Arkansas and her Masters in Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She practices a trauma-informed, attachment and trust-based approach with all client interactions. She has trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention at the TCU Institute of Child Development in Ft. Worth and is Certified in Child and Adolescent Trauma. 


Kristina Walker, Prayer Team Coordinator

Kristina and her husband Daniel have 4 children, two through private adoption. Like many adoptive and foster children, their two adopted sons had experienced trauma in their past home. As a family the Walker’s struggled with emotions and doubt. Kristina and Daniel discovered Grace Haven in the midst of their family struggles. They were refreshed to meet other families walking through the same trials who could understand their family.

Kristina’s goal and desire is to support and mentor other adoptive families, especially those just getting started. She wants to extend the blessing of grace and mercy God has given to her, and share it with others.