Board of Directors

Our team of professionals who work  together to ensure Grace Haven has all of the necessary tools to fulfill its mission.

Jay Porter.jpg

Jay Porter - Board Chairman

Jay Porter is professional and passionate about making a difference in our community, while caring for others. He believes assisting families and children is one of the best ways to support the future and make a brighter tomorrow for everyone. 

Jay is  the Vice President of People Transformation, and Associate Digital Connection at Wal-Mart Stores Inc.


Michaela Montie - Vice Chairman

Michaela is passionate about adoption. She serves in many capacities with non-profit organizations here in NWA with a focus on adoption and foster care. She has served with The CALL, Project Zero, and has recently launched Shared Beginnings, a non-profit that provides help and support to mothers who are choosing adoption for their children. 

Michaela is in International Strategic Initiatives for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 


Ryan Miller - Board Treasurer 

Ryan was himself adopted from South America (Bogota), after living in an orphanage. His parents came from Maryland to adopt him at 13 months and brought him to his forever home. As a result of the life changing power of adoption in his own life, Ryan feels it is his calling to give back to families and children that face similar circumstances.

He currently works for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc for 22 years and is currently Director, Talent Architecture.


Alex Fittin - Board Secretary
Bryan Fittin

Alex and Bryan are parents who have walked the journey of adoption themselves. After facing challenges and receiving help from Grace Haven, they decided to join the team and do all they could to help others facing similar trials.

Bryan is a National Retail Indirect Account Manager at Verizon.

Alex produces and stars in the Adoptive Mom's Podcast, a regular program that informs and encourages adoptive parents.


Justin Heimer 

Justin is an adoption attorney with Adoption Arkansas. He works with both biological parents seeking information and services and potential adoptive parents. He is passionate about the well being of children, and wants to do everything in his power to ensure that adoptions are successful and that children who need a home find one. 


Andrea McCurdy

Andrea is an attorney at McCurdy Law and Mediation. Andrea's legal practice is primarily focused on family law, but she passionately advocates for her clients in all areas of practice. Since becoming a grandmother through adoption, she is even more committed to ensuring adoptions are supported and successful.


Wendy Lancaster

Wendy is herself an adoptive mother, having completed 10 international adoptions from multiple countries. She is passionate about ensuring adoptive parents like herself have the tools they need to be successful. She is a member of the Logistics team at Wal-Mart Stores Inc.  


Ashley Yayock

Ashley and her husband Tim, serve as a foster family within the Northwest Arkansas community. Ashley is passionate about and has dedicated most of her adult life to causes that uplift God's creatures from helplessness to hope. She has devoted much of her life to those that could not take care of themselves, working with organizations that support both children and animals.