Kristina Walker

Prayer Team Coordinator


My husband Daniel and I have 4 children, two through private adoption. We had two children by birth (Dakota & Kaytlin) whom were in their teens, when God blessed us with Donald and Isaac at the ages of 7 and 5. It didn’t take long to realize they weren’t leaving our home and we loved them dearly.

Adding them to our household wasn’t easy though. Just like many adoptive and foster children, they had experienced trauma in their past home and we as a family struggled with emotions and doubt. We loved them and continued to fight for them. Two and a half years later they became forever ours.

During this time, we discovered Grace Haven and what a blessing that was. We learned, we weren’t alone and it’s been refreshing to meet other families walking through the same trials as us who could understand our family.

My goal and desire is to support and mentor other adoptive families, especially those just getting started. I want to extend the blessing of grace and mercy God has given to me, and share it with others.

I believe in the power of prayer. God doesn’t care how little or big our needs are, He wants ALL our needs, worries and concerns brought before Him.

Do you have a prayer request?
I can assure you, all request will be taken to The Lord and they will be kept confidential. Feel free to give as much or very little detail as you like. Even “unspoken” request will be prayed over, as we know God already knows the need.

If you have a need and would like for us to pray for you, please email me at