Fellowship with Friends

Every month Grace Haven hosts fellowship opportunities for parents to connect with others who are walking the journey of helping their child toward healing. Our mom’s and dad’s enjoy having time together to share in trials and triumphs. Each meeting provides a time for prayer and encouragement for anyone needing it. By establishing regular connecting, we build accountability partners, assuring we do not lose sight of our own need for refreshment.

Each month we meet in various locations in Northwest Arkansas including: restaurants, host homes, or at Grace Haven’s office in Rogers. Sometimes we share a potluck dinner, other times purchasing from a menu. You can check out upcoming events HERE.


Mom's Fellowship Night Out/Mom’s Fellowship Lunch Out

You are invited to join us, an ever growing group of friends, who are parenting and loving children from hard places. We take time to laugh and love one another because we NEED relationship! This is not a journey to take alone. We share stories, ideas, resources and prayers with the purpose of building one another up.

Contact Elizabeth Brown via email here

Dad's Night Out

Dad’s, too, have an important role and often put themselves last for seeking relationships. This is an opportunity to spur one another into family leadership through prayer, encouragement, and fellowship. There is power in gathering with other father’s who understand the challenges of stewarding families toward healing. Dad’s Night Out is the 3rd Monday of each month. Contact Jeremy with any questions. 479-935-0675.