Cassie Beauford


Event Coordinator


Cassie and her husband, Zak, live in northwest Arkansas with their two rambunctious kiddos. Ella and Jak both entered their family through foster care. Ella at the age of 2 and 3 short months later, Jak also found his way into their hearts and home as a newborn. The journey to motherhood was unexpected and quite bumpy for Cassie. She experienced conflicting emotions, fears, and doubts that left her feeling isolated and unqualified. Thankfully, through the prayerful ministry of Grace Haven, Cassie found healing in Christ and connection with her children. Their family has grown leaps and bounds since Ella’s and Jak’s adoptions were finalized.

Through her role as Event Coordinator Cassie hopes to create opportunities for families to bond as well as empower our caring community to support adoptive families - not only in northwest Arkansas - but all over the world. It is Cassie’s heartfelt desire to do all she can to meet the needs of adoptive families proactively to prevent other parents from finding themselves isolated and alone.

When not home with Ella and Jak, Cassie can often be found in the drive through of Wings Coffee Shop ordering herself an English Toffee Americano. Her downtime includes playing piano, planning birthday parties, hosting ladies gatherings, and listening to podcasts.

You can connect with Cassie via email at