Meet the Brown Family


Honestly we were surprised by adoption.

We opened as a foster home so we could be a safe place for children while their biological family did the hard work necessary to have their children return home. We never intended to adopt. But God. God made it very clear that our fifth placement was going to be our forever child. While her adoption process came to a close we continued to foster. We had a total of 12 kids in and out of our home in three years. After a particularly difficult time we decided to close our home. I found myself in a place of deep hurt, confusion, and dealing with grief I did not completely understand. I reached out to Grace Haven not knowing what help they could provide, but knowing I needed to connect with someone who understood what we had been through and were currently living. I was connected with a phenomenal TBRI trained, attachment specialist, Christian counselor. Through my months of meeting with the counselor I began to find healing, in my own life and in my family. 

My older kids have been able to participate in the tween/teen events where they can interact with other kids who have an adoption story in their family. 

We enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a sibling relationship class recently hosted by Grace Haven. At this class my kids were encouraged to work together, play together, and see each other's strengths. We left the class stronger as a family. 

I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet for mom's devotion time and monthly fellowship time. There is no judgment or guilt when meeting with these fellow adoptive mom's. We learn from each other and find a safe place to be real. 

I am so grateful for the ministry of Grace Haven. The Lord has used Grace Haven and their various ministries to bring healing to many broken pieces in me and our family.