Meet the Beauford Family


It all started when…

Our family of four became official through the gift of adoption on February 22, 2017. I did not settle well into my new, unexpected role of momma. I felt less-than, unfulfilled, questioning, doubting, and at raw times I was even resentful of my new role. On Friday, October 27, 2017 I hesitantly and excitedly drove to Grace Haven's Adoptive Mom's Retreat. I was unsure of what I would find, but, I knew I - at the very least - could use a break. What I found instead was a sisterhood. Strangers quickly became friends, prayer warriors, and shoulders to cry on. Through the prayerful ministry of staff members at Grace Haven's Adoptive Mom's Retreat, God transformed me from a wounded woman into a valiant momma. My guilt was cleansed away and in its place was grace for the journey. In the months following, I have continued to be loved, supported, and ministered to through the Mom's Devotional times at Grace Haven as well as one-on-one prayer and counsel with the staff. Grace Haven has truly become just that for our family; a safe haven of grace.